Bikram Yoga Shelton is now Yogativiti! 

Same owners & name! 

I fell in love with Bikram yoga 5 yrs ago, and it was the piece of me I didn’t know I needed. This yoga has pushed and pulled me in ways I didn’t know were possible. I have been coming to Bikram Yoga Shelton for 2 years now and it is top notch. Extremely clean facility and every instructor is amazing & unique in their own style of teaching. Peaceful light atmosphere where you can find refreshing healing energy in any class. I am grateful for this place!
-Kristen Galuardi recommends Bikram Yoga SheltonAugust 21, 2019 · 



The State of Connecticut has issued a new Mask Policy to take effect starting Monday, 11/23/20!


Masks must now be worn during class. While this isn't idea, if it means we can still remain open safely...we're happy to comply. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our teachers, and YOU- our amazing community!


We've done test runs wearing masks during classes- and it's not bad at all! We PROMISE! Our teachers, and other students have tried it and everyone was OK! We also know of other hot yoga studios who've had students wearing masks during classes for months now and everyone is doing great!


This is a HUGE change, and these next few weeks we will be working hard to figure out how to make this adjustment workable (and dare we say enjoyable) for both our students and our teachers. So please be patient with us & yourselves while we navigate through this as a community!


This is just another bump in the (COVID) road and we're determined to adapt, stay positive and roll with it! We're still here to help you all keep calm & yoga on during this chaotic and temporary moment in time!

Quick Summary Reopening Guidelines: 

-Per the State of CT Mandate, starting Monday 11/23/20- You must wear a mask to attend yoga classes. Masks must be worn at all times - even during class. 

-No walk ins or late arrivals during COVID- we lock the doors right when class starts so plan to arrive on time. Doors open exactly 15 minutes before class starts and close 10 minutes after class ends.

-To keep everyone safe, we are not offering mat or towel rentals until further notice. To participate in class you MUST bring a yoga mat and a large towel to cover your mat.

-Due to limited capacity, you must cancel 24 hours prior to class start time. If you don't cancel or don't show, you understand you will be charged a $15 cancellation fee. No exceptions.*

-No changing or showering at the studio until further notice.

-Do NOT come to class if you are feeling ill (cough, sniffles), or showing any symptoms of COVID or have been exposed to someone with COVID.

Detailed COVID guidelines here




Gianna is rescheduled for November 2021-More details to come as we continue to follow COVID! 



Thank you to our amazing yogis for your contributions! 

We're living through a dark moment ....filled with high levels of stress and fear.  Some of us are feeling it more than others. Thankfully for us, we have yoga to cope with this everyday uncertainty.  Others are struggling with losing their jobs and meeting their basic needs. We held a diaper and food drive the weekend of 5/2 & 5/3 and our community really helped out - we'd like to once again thank you all for you kindness, your support, your love and your generosity!!! We are truly lucky to have such an amazing community of caring yogis! 






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