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Full Reopening Guidelines Below: 

In addition to everything below - we still want to remind you if you're not feeling well to STAY HOME. Our teachers will do the same. Let's all do our part to keep everyone healthy & safe so we can slowly get back to normal! 

Class structure: 


-All hot room classes will be limited to 15 participants and 1 teacher in order to maintain 6 foot distancing


-The yoga room will be marked for all 15 spots so you know exactly where to place your mat.

(Distanced 6 feet left to right and front to back)

-Teachers will not offer hands on assists


-We are temporarily eliminating breathing exercises that spread respiratory droplets- in Bikram no pranayama and no kapalabhati 


-We will not be offering blocks, props, mat or towel rentals 

Scheduling classes: 


-In order to be fair, everyone will have to preregister for classes. You can create an account through Mindbody in order to do this. Link below - for those of you who have difficulties with Mindbody, we’re here to provide support and walk you through the process. 


-We will not accept walk ins. 


-In order to provide equal access to all of our members, we are unable to accept registration from private messages, texts, emails or phonecalls. Everyone will have to book directly through Mindbody. We kindly ask you don’t email, text, private message or call any of our staff personally or on social media. No exceptions. As much as we love you all, its not fair if we make this exception for some and not others.

(Again, we are happy to work with you to help you understand Mindbody’s booking process.)


-If you can't make class- you must cancel 24 hours in advance. If you don’t cancel within this time frame to give us time to fill your spot or you don’t show, there will be a $15 no show fee. No exceptions. With such a limited capacity, its not fair to book a space and then not show or cancel far enough in advance. 

If you are waitlisted: Make sure you are signed up to receive both our emails & text message notifications. If you are added from the waitlist- you will be sent a notification via email and text message. This will give you the option to accept or decline the spot.

How to prepare yourself to come take class: 


-The studio will open 15 minutes prior to class. We will lock the door right at the start of class, so plan to arrive on time. We lock the doors to prevent people from walking in. While we normally allow for a window of late arrival, during this temporary time frame all classes will start right on time to keep to a schedule that allows us to clean in between classes. 


-The showers and locker rooms will NOT be open for changing clothes or showering. Limited access to will only be able to use the restrooms if absolutely necessary. 


-The health department has recommended you come dressed in your yoga clothes fully “ready” to take class. To clarify- please arrive already dressed in your yoga outfit with your mat, towel and water. 


-All gym bags, purses, and phones are to be left in your car. The less belongings inside the studio the less we transmit germs. 


-Aside from your yoga mat, towel and water- we will direct you where to leave any other small belongings outside the hot room. 


-After class, you will exit the hot room, collect your belongings and proceed straight to the back door to exit the studio. 


-You will have to clean off your yoga mat at home, and change and shower at home. 


-We’ll close the studio 10 minutes after class ends- so for now, no extended savasana’s. (This too shall pass) 

Entering & Exiting the studio: 



-The corporate park we are located in is doing a great job at keeping the building clean and marked for one way traffic and 6 ft social distancing. 


Upon entry into the main building you must wear a face mask (like in all public places). You will keep this mask on as you enter the yoga studio. 


Since you will have preregistered for class the teacher will check you in upon your arrival so you don’t have to touch the iPad. If you haven't completed the waiver online, you will have to fill out the paper waiver to take class- for both new & existing clients. 


At the front desk we will have hand sanitizer, we are requesting everyone uses this prior to entering the hot room.


After check in, you may proceed straight into the yoga room to setup your mat. Please bring minimal belongings and we will instruct you where to leave them outside the hot room. 


Once class begins, we will all remove our face masks for the entire session. 


When class is over, you will have to place your mask back on to exit the studio through the back door. You will be able to collect your belongings and shoes as you exit. 


We will mark clearly “Entrance only” and “Exit only” throughout the studio to establish one way traffic. 


We will use arrows and mark 6 foot spacing throughout the lobby & hot room.

Cleaning and Disinfecting: 


-Again, we will open the studio 15 minutes before class starts, and close the studio 10 minutes after class ends to give ourselves time to disinfect high touch surfaces, clean the mirrors, vacuum and sanitize the space. 


-We will be using a CleanArc Power Hydroxyl Generator and Air Purifier. This powerful air purifier is safe enough to run during and in between classes. The CleanArc Power Air Purifiers and Hydroxyl Generators are non-chemical devices that provide an environmentally safe and scientifically proven solution for removing odors and destroying viruses, bacteria, disease, allergens, and other contaminants. Better yet, our air mitigation systems are FDA-approved and average 99.99% effectiveness in killing most known viruses, bacteria, black mold, and other harmful air pollutants by sanitizing not only the indoor air, but also surfaces.


Learn more here:


-In addition our cleaning company will be thoroughly cleaning the entire space using special cleansing agents strictly following CDC guidelines. Our cleaning company has always been and will continue to be on high alert and is paying special attention to handles, and doorknobs in particular- as well as the overall space. They use a cleaning agent known as Virex II 256 which meets OSHA's bloodborne pathogen standard. This product is as strong as it gets, and is a one step disinfectant.

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