Frequently asked questions


It was my first time and I absolutely loved it! Staff was so helpful and so welcoming!

-Melissa, Jan 9, 2020 for Five Class Pass for First Time Students 

Q:  I’ve never been to your studio before, do I need to sign up ahead of time? 


A:  Yes! Because of COVID restrictions, we must limit our class sizes to 15 participants. Head over to our live schedule to preregister for class! 


Q:  I am new to yoga, what class do you recommend? 

A:  Bikram, Bikram 75, Bikram Level 2, Hot Vinyasa, Core to the Floor, The Union, Yinspiration, Pyro Hiit, and HOT HIIT®  are beginner friendly classes. Check out our schedule and avoid any classes that say music or variation as those classes have minimal instruction. If you’re brand new to yoga, you’ll want the most guidance to ensure you have a great experience. 

Q:  I’m a beginner to yoga, what do I need to bring with me to class? 

A:  For Bikram, Vinyasa and HOT HIIT® ..... you will need a yoga mat, a large towel to go over the length of your mat and a hand towel. Bring extra water with you to have while you practice. We also sell yoga mats, towels & drinks if you don't have these items already.  (Our locker rooms & showers are temporarily closed due to COVID so you'll have to change and shower at home)

Q:  I’m a beginner to yoga, how do I prepare for my first class? 

A:  Our recommendations are to avoid any heavy meals 2-3 hours prior to class... a simple protein or piece of fruit usually gives you enough energy - the more you practice you'll find what works for you! Hydration is key- both water & electrolytes! Try to hydrate the day of so your body can absorb &  distribute the water accordingly rather than chugging water right before class. 

Q:  What should I wear to practice? 

A:  Breathable yoga pants or shorts and a sports bra are what most women wear.  Men usually practice in lined shorts or swim trunks with or without a tank top.  Your clothes will get wet and sweaty so please be mindful of the attire you choose- men make sure your shorts are lined, and women please make sure your clothes aren't loose or see through! No socks or hats worn inside the hot room.

Q: What’s the difference between Bikram, Vinyasa and HOT HIIT®?  


A: The Bikram method is a series of 26 yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises that are done in every class. So while each class is always the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, your experience will always be different each time you practice depending on how you feel mentally & physically each day and depending on the instructor. Each instructor has their own unique style of leading this class and you pick up different tips & strengths from each teacher! This class is always 90 minutes long and the room is heated to 105 degrees with about 40-50% humidity. 


Hot Vinyasa is a wonderful compliment to the Bikram classes... no two Vinyasa classes are the same. Vinyasa is more focused on moving with your breath and includes a whole bunch of yoga postures including downward facing dog and sun salutations. The possibilities are endless and the creativity and work you'll do in a heated Vinyasa class is a perfect balance to the consistency of the Bikram classes. The heat in Vinyasa is about 90 degrees with about 75-80% humidity- not quite as hot as Bikram but still hot enough to get you safely warmed up & sweaty! 


HOT HIIT®  is a low impact, core focused high intensity interval training workout that will get your heart rate up! This class is practiced with fun upbeat music in a room heated to 90F, with 75-80% humidity. The heat and humidity allows for major increases in heart rate and therefore cardiovascular fitness improvements. This class is a Hiit style cardio workout with yoga mixed in! 


We encourage our students to practice all 3 styles- Bikram, Vinyasa and Hot Hiit - for a total physical, mental and spiritual workout. Many of our current students practice all 3 of these classes and are quite pleased with the results!

Q:  Why are all of your classes heated? 

A:  Practicing in the heat offers so many wonderful benefits! The heat increases blood flow to the muscles which makes them loose & pliable. Warm muscles are easier to stretch- there's less chance of injury while allowing for a greater range of motion.  Moving in a heated room also increases your heart rate and metabolism which helps you to burn some major calories! The heat helps you to get super sweaty which stimulates your lymphatic system and helps to flush out toxins.  It takes tremendous concentration and determination to practice in a hot room. Our classes are truly mindful moving meditations. The feeling you get after completing a 60 or 90 minute session is like no other. The inner confidence and stamina you gain from practicing in a hot room gives you the skills to handle any obstacle with a clear mind and an open heart. Who wouldn't want that? 

Q:  I just found out I’m pregnant, can I continue to practice in the hot room? 

A:  Disclaimer, you should absolutely always consult with your doctor about any exercise concerns you have during your pregnancy.  However,  we are here to tell you that  you can continue!  As long as you’ve had a consistent Bikram practice for at least 6 months to 1 year prior to conceiving, you can safely continue to practice throughout your pregnancy!  Like any other type of exercise, you should never begin a new routine after becoming pregnant.  Zoey practiced Bikram and Hot Vinyasa throughout all 9 months of both of her pregnancies and has 2 happy and healthy girls. In fact, for Bikram there is a special pregnancy series designed to accommodate your growing belly and to alleviate the growing  pains of pregnancy. 

Q:  I purchased a Groupon and created an account online, and it won’t allow me to book a class. How do I sign up? 

A:  All Groupons must be redeemed by us. Please email the studio with  your voucher # so we can apply it to your account. 

Q:  I purchased a package. Can my friend/family member use one of my classes? 

A:  No, all packages are for your use only. Your friend or family member will have to purchase their own package. 



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